Tenuto App Reviews

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Absolutely brilliant

Well worth the money even much more.

Must have.

Excellent !


A very, very good application.I am a music teacher and musician and recommend it to everybody. Thank you very much to the all team of musitheory.


If you want to improve your ear skills, thats the software to download.


Easy to learn. You have only to practice anywhere you want.

Perfect training

Awesome exercize app! Only "Reverse Fretboard exercize" for guitar would be great. All thumbs up!

Brilliant !

Best Music-Theory Apps I know.


Large array of different trainings. Extremely flexible. Nice user interface.

Best training app

Many different exercises. The best app i have found in the appstore. Nice simple design. I like it very much!

Brilliant App

The app has the quality that youd expect from musictheory.ney.

Nice but...

This app gets all the basics right! Good interface with decent feedback, responsiveness etc.. Long term motivation would be improved by spaced repetition and focus on weak spots rather than random question generation. Ideally this should be a feature that can be turned off in challenge mode. A graph showing my progress would be interesting and motivating too.


Great app. Just what I was looking for to help practice reading notes.


Fantastic app from the great website musictheory.net! Highly recommend!


Ive recommended musictheory.net to students for years. So glad this is out!!! Excellent music theory tutor!

suppose to work

it says its compatible with my ipod touch but when i went to senc it says it not. @_@

Quite Impressive

Title says it all. Still I wish there was an ear training mode when trying to learn individual note sounds :)

Great ear trainer!

Jai essaye plusieurs ear trainer Mais celui la est parfait pour moi. Il manque juste une chose a mon avis, cest un test de note. Jaimerais pouvoir entendre une note et choisir la bonne reponse . Ive tried a couple of ear trainer and this one work really well for me. The only thing that it miss is note earring test(perfect pitch test) you can ear test scale you dont have note test (ear).


This application is a must for any level of musical knowledge! I am incredibly impressed with the level of detail provided and user-customization from the tools, exercises and calculator. Ear training and Identification for intervals, chords and scales is very well presented and very user-friendly. I also purchased the application called "Theory Lessons" (also by musictheory.net) and find it equally remarkable. Bravo!

Great application

Hi I am a music teacher and this app is great to help students review intervals and as an ear training tool it is also good for guitarists that want to identify notes and keyboardists to help them learn new chords at the piano. I am very impressed with this app


I thought that learning the note names on the guitar fretboard was an impossible feat, but i used tenuto and now ive memorized them all. Havent used the other features but that alone was worth it.

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